About our Products

Cognodome sells digital art posters to international customers using drop shipping.

These posters are created by Gavin Lottering, an established digital artist. Gavin is interested in a specific style, currently. The goal is to communicate at least 200 images using this style.

The posters are printed and shipped by Printful. They are high quality. The easiest way to hang them is using clips and nails; but customers can also frame them. The idea is that these posters should be easy to procure and widely available.


About Cognodome

Cognodome was initially established as a game design company in 2017. Despite the cancellation of its Kickstarter campaign, the brand persevered. Gavin Lottering, the founder who originally aimed to start the game design company, decided to pivot and use the website to showcase his digital artwork instead.

Many individuals go through life without ever truly appreciating art. This is unfortunate, as engaging with the arts can be a fulfilling and guilt-free pursuit, unlike some vices such as gambling or excessive drinking. With this in mind, Cognodome focuses on presenting a range of subjects that encourage guilt-free art appreciation.

Gavin creates the artwork on a continuous basis, using both traditional and non-traditional elements generated by AI. He believes that certain aesthetic aspects are missing from purely AI-generated artwork, including artistic genius and self-expression. While AI excels at mimesis and techné (imitation and technique), it lacks the human touch. By using tools like MidJourney and Photoshop, Gavin masterfully blends highly technical elements and recolors them to produce uniquely expressive pieces imbued with a touch of artistic genius.

About Gavin Lottering

Gavin has been passionate about visual art since his childhood, thanks to the influence of both his parents, who were art teachers and accomplished visual artists. An early childhood inner ear injury also contributed to his distinctive visual perception.

During his formative years, Gavin attended the Arts York program at Unionville High School. He later pursued studies in Philosophy and 3D Animation. In 2009, Gavin competed in the Cut and Paste Competition for 3D Design, winning the Toronto round and advancing to the final round in New York City. This experience on stage inspired him to create video projections for dance events in Toronto between 2010 and 2014. These "visuals" featured a signature glitchy style, combining self-made animations with found content.

In 2014, Gavin exhibited his "generative mosaics" series at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit. These artworks were generated using a custom Processing sketch to output vector data and printed on canvas. Since then, he has painted over some of these pieces. Gavin founded Cognodome in 2017, but the company was dissolved in 2018 following a canceled Kickstarter campaign. This setback led to a period of creative block that lasted several years.

The emergence of NFT marketplaces and AI-generated images has recently rekindled Gavin's creative drive. The evolution of digital art into a more serious and respected medium appears to be the catalyst Gavin needed. Join him on his artistic journey as he continues to create captivating artwork for Cognodome.