The Turning Point

Agent Carre waited at the rendez-vous for the leaders of the Neonoans to show up. She squinted against the sunlight as she stared up at the sky. In a grandiose arc, the spaceship careened through the clouds, bursting them apart. Brilliant blue thrusters lit up as it slowed in preparation for its descent. Agent Carre knew that the only hope the resistance had of beating Supreme Leader was to betray the gullible Neonoans, so far their only allies in the fight. The newcomers had already built five reactors, and now had enough power to charge the enormous beacon they were constructing at the landing site of their intergallacting vessel. They also had alien weapons that would be invaluable in the fight. The CIN operative felt somewhat bad for what was about to happen, but in war nothing is fair and any alliance was purely situational. This much she knew.

            “Prepare the ambush,” she whispered into her mic, and glanced at the nano-armoured adepts hidden amongst the rocky ridge nearby.


The game of In:Flux takes a turning point whenever a player reaches 5 reactors. Once this occurs, CIN agents embedded in groups of refugees flee from the opponent’s territory. It is your job as CIN operative to open up a laneway and retrieve them. Everyone will try to stop you!

Five reactors signals the end-game start. The Neonoans finally have enough energy to build their interstellar beacon, to call down an alien presence which they believe will unite all of humanity once and for all.

Meanwhile, it is in Supreme Leader’s best interests to get 5 reactors in order to wallop any opposition with their massive armies, led by spider tanks! Genesis with it’s teleporting technology may hold the key to stopping any opponents from achieving their victory conditions. They may become a powerbroker and a useful ally during this phase of the game.