Provenance Station

Provenance Station in orbit at L3 of the dual Solar System Eucaryote IX

Outgoing Signal: Mayday Loop

Status: Emergency Life Support System Engaged

Station Commander’s Log

“This is Chief Scientist Annabel Esteban, last remaining crew member of the Research Station. Evacuation Protocol has failed. This is a warning to any salvagers, rescuers, or morbidly curious interlopers: STAY AWAY! This Station is contaminated with Dark Boson Mycelia. Despite our best efforts, Project Eternal Energy failed. The immense particle collider Genesis Corp financed ripped through the fabric of space/time. Forty-five Spins ago, we discovered the Dark Particles, which Dr. Fiona Burgess dubbed ‘Mycelia’, due to their organic collision patterns akin to the fungoid web of the mushrooms of old Earth. Beware! These particles cause spontaneous mutation in biological life! And all evidence suggest that those transformed by the Dark Boson webbing, enter into an altered state of mind, claiming to commune with entities from a dark dimension far beyond the veil of our own. Provenance Station is lost…”