tabletop game set up in cafe mid-game

IN:FLUX is a sci-fi tabletop game set on Earth where 4 factions fight over the future of humanity.

The game involves 2–4 players that fight for control of a map. Take control of a unique faction with its own objectives, and team up to deter other players from winning.

Game Features

Enjoy a streamlined user experience and focus on strategy

Master your favourite faction with a modular and unique experience every time

Easy to learn rules with a very well implemented economy and battle system

Revel in the refined rules based on work with reviewers and extensively play tested.


Players expand across the map and compete for territory. A simple rule set allows for easy

continuous play, and the reference sheets mean you don’t have to interrupt your game to search through the rulebook. The game has an economy which is simple enough to ensure the players focus on the unique strategy of each faction. Modular map tiles, quick playtime, and various factions bonuses add to the re-play value of the game.

To make it more interesting, players can upgrade their tech tree and play a bluffing game with opponents. Different technologies have different synergies. In a multiplayer game, there is a lot of diplomacy and many shifting unofficial alliances that develop in the end game.

What’s in the Box?

  • 4 high quality laser-cut punchboards
  • 44 reactor tokens, 36 factory tokens, 20 wall tokens
  • 24 tech cards, 6 per faction
  • 120 currency cards
  • 32 dice, 8 per faction, differently coloured
  • 4 faction reference sheets
  • 52 hex-tiles (4 HQ tiles, 4 special tiles, 11 regular tiles, 15 abundant tiles)
  • Game manual

Core Game Mechanics

We had the game reviewed in two stages. After the first set of review of version 1.0, we made some more changes:

  • Exploration mechanic — the exploration mechanic of flipping tiles is now done all at once before the game starts
  • Phases — there are now only two phases: the build phase, which happens simultaneously and the action phase, which has an initiative roll
  • Command Points — reactors no longer produce currency, but instead give you command points, which cap the units and are counted on the faction reference sheets for game objectives
  • Faction Objectives — each faction now has a unique objective which is counted on the reference sheet (eg. The Neonoans goal is to build an interstellar beacon to contact aliens in order to unite humanity)
  • Special Units — special units now give the entire stack of units a buff which doesn’t effect combat, but acts like a special ability
  • Combat — Players go in order of dice roll to perform one action (movement or combat) and can also take a reinforcement action if possible
  • Movement — Players can usually move one unit stack the distance of one tile, if they don’t choose to attack
  • Claiming Tiles — The star token is used to claim tiles which creates competition for space and adds to the strategy
  • Tokens — We added a few necessary tokens and got rid of some unnecessary tokens that weren’t needed now that Command Points were added.
  • Less math — Less math is now required to calculate income and for combat. It’s really easy and much smoother.

The finalized version of the game has improved gameplay — certain flaws were corrected without changing the core game components. We’ve tested it  already, and you’ll definitely want to try it for yourself! It’s faster and easier to play while unique abilities add to the complexity.